4 ways having a Dog can keep you happy

 1.Dogs Keep you Active
We all know dogs need daily exercise, this for some of us it a great reason to get off the couch and give ourselves some exercise as well. Going for a walk doesn’t just get the heart rate up, but gives us the necessary vitamin D that we can be lacking. Walking is also a great way to free your mind from the daily grind get out in nature and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Dogs can help relieve stress and help you live longer.
No matter what type of day you have had, having an excitable greeting from your beloved dog can erase all the hassles of that day. Studies have shown that interacting with dogs can lower your anxiety and blood pressure. Having less stress in your live assist with us living longer. Playing and walking your dog also leads to a healthier lifestyle!

3. Meeting people has never been easier.
Having a dog on a lead makes a conversation with a stranger a little easier. There is a conversation starter right in the palm of your hand . Going to dog parks is a great way for you to meet like minder people. People you may never have the opportunity to meet.

4. Dogs can help you rehabilitate from illness or injury.
Dogs have been used to help in the rehabilitation in programs in various hospitals and rehabilitation centers. This interaction between people and dogs can help them recuperate faster. This interaction works especially well for older patients.

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