5 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

#1 Golden Retriever
Retrievers are intelligent and eager to please. They love to play and spend time with children. They are friendly active and energetic.

# 2 Mastiff


Mastiffs are very gentle with Children and are good natured. Even though they are big they bond instantly with their family and love being around people.

#3 Dalmatian


Dalmatians are energetic and love to run all day with the kids, but gentle enough to snuggle up to them at night. They are people orientated and would be a great addition to any family.

#4 Boxer


Boxers need to have plenty of activity. They are playful and energetic. Their best qualities are their love for children. They are also a people oriented breed.

#5 Labradors

Labradors are highly intelligent, good natured and willing to please. Labs love to play, they have a reliable temperament are are very friendly to children