Dogs Benefit Autistic Children

The studies are in and having a dog in your home may benefit your Autistic child! Research has found that getting a dog when your child is around the age of 5 can improve their ability to share, think of others and show empathy. It allows them to communicate with someone and a dog never judges or questions, it just loves unconditionally!

You have heard of the term “mans best friend” well in the circumstance of a child with Autism, this is well and truly the case.

If you have ever watched the bond that a child and their dog has, then this is intensified for a child who has autism. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that dogs can be trained to help kids with Autism. For children that suffer from autism here are some ways that having a dogs make life a little better and more manageable.

Dogs can directly affect human behaviour. Dogs can help promote a child’s development and assist in the interactions between family members.

Dogs that have been trained can help calm an Autistic child. We know that Autistic children can be prone to emotional outbursts. If the dog has been trained to keep calm and offer a supportive hug and pat, then this can be supportive during the tantrum.

Dogs have a sick sense for where their owners are. If the dogs is trained well, it will never leave your Autistic child’s side, thus allowing piece of mine for families if your child was to wander off.


Dogs can assist in helping a child to communicate. Autistic children who normally wouldn’t talk in full sentences, or look an adult in the eye, or take turns playing with children now have a new kind of motivation.

A dog provides unconditional love, it provides a non threatening interaction, and the dog doesn’t care if you are disabled.

Are any breeds better than other for an Autistic child? There is no clear study on this. If the dog is trained correctly then they all can offer everything a child may need from it. Love has no boundaries!!