Keeping your dog cool over summer

Heat stress is one of the major concerns that we have for our dogs in the summer months. All you need to do is apply a few simple procedures to help keep your dog cool.


1. Spray your dog with inspect repellent or citronella oil to keep the flies away. The more they are aggravated by fleas, flies and mozzies, the more they will move around and become overheated.

2. Put out multiple bowls of water on really hot days. Use bowls that can’t be tipped over, and place them in a shady and relatively cool spot. Also add some ice cubes to keep it cooler for longer. Change the bowl daily to prevent bacteria from forming in stale warm water. Stainless steel bowls are better than plastic bowls, as the plastic bowls have a higher likelihood of breeding bacteria.


3. Help your dog cool off with a kids wadding pool. You don’t need a lot of water just enough to so that your dog can sit in the water. Preferably keep the pool in a sheltered area or shaded by a tree.

4. Make sure there is plenty of shelter for your dog. Prolonged sun exposure not only leads to heat exhaustion but also sunburn. Just like in adults! Make sure your shelter is large and well ventilated. If you are able to install a doggy door in your laundry to allow your dog to get out of the heat!
5. Get your dog a cool dog bed or keep them off the ground on a raised dog bed. This will assist with helping them over the hot summer months.
Get your dog a cooling per mat  K&H Cool Bed III™ or keep them off the ground with a raised dog bed FLEA-FREE DOG BED

6. Look for signs of overheating – sometimes these go unnoticed.
*Trying to lie down,
*Dark pink to red tongue hanging out of their mouth
*Lameness and stumbling

7.Darker coloured dogs become overheated more quickly as the absorb more of the suns rays.

Remember your beloved dog relies on you for protection. Make good judgement about their activities in this hot weather!