Sleeping Habits of your dog

Sleep is a very important factor in human development. It is also a main factor in your dogs development as well, dogs need it for the maintenance of good health and wellbeing. It allows our bodies the chance to refresh and rejuvenate, and a chance for our minds to dream. The same goes for your dog.

Dogs sleep for at least 13 hours a day. This can vary depending on how much time we spend with each individual dog, and of course, the breed of the dog. Your dog could sleep for at least half of it’s life time! (Wouldn’t that be nice and restful!)

We have all watched our dogs circle their beds before laying down, this is due to a natural instinct, this is how they would behave in the wild. The reason for this is to  trample down the vegetation to create a bed. Normally this would be in longer grass, as it would create a safe concealed area, away from predators!

A dog’s sleeping habits are largely instinctual.  The bed you provide for your dog should duplicate the animals natural habitat.  A Dog Bed provides a comfortable sleeping area for your dog. Much like a mattress and pillow does for us humans.  A typical Dog Bed should elevate the dog slightly above the ground, support their joints and provide a degree of warmth.  For the older dog the orthopedic beds has been specially designed to combat joint and hip problems, and can be used for a dog who has recently had surgery.