The right dog bed for your dog


To help your dog enjoy the time it spends sleeping, make sure that you are providing a bed that is not only soft but supportive this is they key to your dogs health and wellbeing. You need to put the bed somewhere where your dog can feel part of the family. As sleeping is one of life’s pleasures, your dog will appreciate everything you do to  provide it with a wonderful place to snuggle.


Dogs are traditionally known as pack animals and are naturally accustomed to sleeping in close quarters with others. Due to this fact a single dog may benefit from a style cushion know as a cuddler. A cuddler dog cushion extends the sides to form a protective ring around the dog. It also simulates the feel of other dogs sleeping in a pack arrangement.

To find the best dog bed possible for your dog, make sure you are buying a product that has come from a reputable dog bed manufacture. A dog bed is usually constructed as a low profile oval or round basket, with a custom fitted cushion.  They must be chew resistant with no sharp edges or flashing. The cushions used in the Dog Bed should be made from washable fabrics and be resistant to scratching and chewing.  For your outdoor dog beds they must be breathable, preferable flea resistant, off the ground, and washable.